PeerBet is a fun and free peer-to-peer social prediction game that pits you against other players on the latest sports, political and entertainment events.

Kin is the digital currency we are using within PeerBet. Winning bets will give you the opportunity to earn and spend your Kin within the app.

You can win achievements by playing PeerBet, rewarding you in Kin. The "New guy" achievement – rewarding you for joining and setting up your account – will get you up and running.

Kin has migrated to the Solana blockchain. This means that all the Kin you have inside the PeerBet app sits on the Solana blockchain as a SPL token also referred to as Kin SPL.

To transfer Kin from PeerBet to wallets, you will need to:

  • make sure you are on the latest version of PeerBet
  • set up a wallet supporting Kin SPL
  • get some SOL for “rent”

What is "rent" and what is it for?

Think of it as the equivalent of “gas” on the Ethereum blockchain. Rent is required to activate your Kin SPL wallet and perform transactions on the Solana blockchain.

Which Kin SPL wallet shall I use?

Kin is still ironing out some issues post migration therefore not all wallets are working perfectly right now (i.e. Trust Wallet). After investigation we’d recommend either:

Here is a guide on how to set them up. Of course it’s up to you to try other supported wallets.

Where shall I get some SOL for “rent”?

You could either directly buy it from exchanges or use Bonfida as they are giving away some free SOL (airdrop).

Why is withdrawing Kin from PeerBet harder now?

Mostly because of rent. But rest assured, Kin Foundation together with wallets are working on a solution to make it as simple as it used to be. This might take a bit longer so bear with us and feel free to use this interim solution for now.